How To Start Profitable Snail Farming In Nigeria

When you see snails adhere to a tree stump, cover up under stones or leaves, what impression do you have of them? When you see them showed in the commercial centers like market or eatery, do you see them as one of those eatable creatures implied for the soup pot?

Numerous individuals see snails here and there. A few individuals take it as meat. In any case, very much a number don't know how to go about rearing them. This is aggravated in light of the fact that snails, which fit in with the group of creature called MOLLUSCA, is a bisexual. It has both the female and male sexual organs; so one can't generally recognize the male and female specie of it.
Numerous who are into snail farming in Nigeria are additionally unwilling to tell others about the farming strategy. The procedures are frequently covered in mystery. Yet, the plain truth is that snail farming is as simple as ABC. The main thing the snails might continually request from you is your care and attention. They barely fall sick or wiped out. You don't need to purchase their food and you might not need to spend much to make a house for them.

The magnificence of everything is that the snails duplicate quickly. They are equipped for creating several eggs, which incubate into snails. It is presently conceivable to create 1,000,000 snails worth more than N5 million twice every year. This is made conceivable in light of the accessibility of exceedingly productive ACHATINA types of snails, which lay 200-400 in one cluster 2-3 times each year.

Nigeria's financial recuperation projects have required a radical movement from aggregate reliance on government for occupation to independent work that is self-employment. One such appealing region for self-employment is snail farming. It is an incredible cash turning business that can give a generous wellspring of protein to supplement Nigerian starch dinners.

Tragically Nigerians slant to start a new business in the fields where thousands have officially made their fortune has prompted the ulter disregard of such lucrative territory of snail farming in Nigeria or Export it to international market.
Tremendous Income Earning Opportunity One of the Personnal Entrepreneurial Characteristic (PEC) that makes a major diverse between a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one is looking for opportunity. That is looking for, perceiving and following up on new business opportunities.

This is the utilization of contacts or networking to acquire valuable information. It is in perspective of the above truth that, we at Top Business Reality are acquainting this great open door with you.

This is brilliant open door that will empower readers to make for themselves, the objectives and elevated objectives for enormous achievement.


What Are The Advantages Of Snail Farming?

From our own experience, they incorporate, among others:

1. Snail farming in Nigeria is a virgin in the kingdom of domesticated animals accordingly the earlier investors without uncertainty have splendid prospects in exploring this endeavor.

2. Snail farming is a practicable and reasonable venture yet unexplored in Nigeria. On the off chance that it has worked somewhere else, it will work in Nigeria.

3. This innovation has been endorsed to be most lucrative farming venture in a matter of seconds, as it requires far less capital investment, while much benefit is being produced in a significant brief period. It has lower danger contrasted with other domesticated animals farming.

4. The demand for snail is higher than the supplies a such the business sector capability of snail is limitless, locally and internationally.

5. For all intents and purposes all aspects of snail is of fundamental utilization in Food, Pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing and fishing industries.

6. Snail is an export commodity, which has esteem by gold in abroad nations. It is a foreign exchange income earner of our days. Our atmosphere is one of the best in snail reproducing.

7. Snail farming in Nigeria obliges little capital and the running expense is low, henceforth their foods are exceptionally nearby.

8. In the event that your startup capital is N100,000 you can create the aggregate of one million naira in one year. A few individuals in other domesticated animals may gain another N100,000, on the off chance that they met no danger in a year.

9. Snail business without a doubt is a GEM in the animals business. Subsequently exploit the chance of being among the heralds in this great endeavor.

10. You can advantageously gain wage a thousand fold higher than your present job. You can keep your present employment and do this on low maintenance since it doesn't oblige much time.

11. This is a genuine export market that earns foreign revenue without you running from column to post.

12. This is not fiction but rather genuine. Not nonexistent but rather a reality. You too will impart your perspective to others.

13. No push, no tedious, no smell, no commotion and no bothering. With a specific end goal to help a considerable measure of Nigerians to take advantage of this exceedingly lucrative endeavor, our organization, Top Business Reality, has composed a manual titled "PROFITABLE SNAIL FARMING”, to empower them know every one of the procedures and mysteries of snail Farming business.



1. what is snail?

2. What is snail farming?

3. Main reasons for snail breeding

4. Financial importance of snail

5. Medicinal significance of snail

6. most recent in snail breeding technology

7. Site location and building of the pen

8. Other methods of accommodating snails

9. How to acquire the right species to start your own farm

10. Hatching/incubating of snail eggs/care of the Hatchlings and production of snail eggs.

11. Regular snail feeds

12. Snails' Enemies and Diseases

13. The Breakdown expenditure of starting a Snail farm

14. Stocking capacity

15. main organizations to be contacted in snail business

16. outline of modern snail breeding secrets

17. The potential prospect of rearing snails and many more!

Just very few Nigerians for the time being have infiltrated the lucrative market and procuring cool enormous benefit without anxiety. The KNOW-HOW of snail farming business secrets had been covered up and truly guided for at some point yet now we the present Nigerian progressive wealth builders have chosen to reveal the privileged insights and discharge them without reservation kindred striving for Nigerians who so longing and sharp in working the wealth building mysteries.

Why Embanking On This Operation

1. To contribute our portion to eradicate poverty in Nigeria

2. To engage ourselves to be the best bound for us by our creator - Almighty God.

3. To practice the adage that says the more we are in the league of millionaire the merrier it becomes and the better for the peace and prosperity our Nation.

4. To share what we know, hone and have worked effectively for us; to be honored with additional from the Almighty.
5. To uncover the thought of snail farming in Nigeria as awesome wage opportunity

6. To dispense idleness and hopelessness in our nation.

7. To demonstrate to individuals generally accepted methods to flourish through snail farming regardless of the economy.

8. To rouse the less advantaged ones to act naturally subordinate.

9. To tell individuals that our nation is incredibly honored with assets yet unexplored.

10. To direct representatives on the most proficient method to increase their pay without influencing their present employment.

11. To make attention to such a lucrative innovation.

12. To uncover the monetary significance, wholesome and restorative estimation of snail.
13. To exchange the innovation to retirees, housewives, youthful school leavers, investors, traders, local dwellers, applicants, family economic advancement programme (FEAP)/NGO and workers who require additional wage to expand their union compensation.

14. To lessen monetary emergency and wrongdoing in our general public.

In this mission i.e. enabling you to construct your sought riches with significant serenity; numerous are truly called, yet trust me or not, just few are picked. Why just few? That is the force of fate working. The puzzle is just known to our maker - Almighty God.
In endeavoring to live up our name Top Business Reality needing you to be a prosperous and wealthy Nigerian, which I trust, ought to be one of your objective in life.
Our company has spent tremendous cash, time and endeavors to procure significant data through going to classes, meetings, surfing Internet and investigates on the most proficient method to set up PROFITABLE SNAIL FARMING effectively. All vital, comprehensive and orderly guide on the best way to leave on the business and make enormous money related accomplishment from it as we are at present getting a charge out of; are contained in the very much explored manual on "PROFITABLE SNAIL FARMING IN NIGERIA. The price goes N7,000 (Seven Thousand Naria Only) .

The cost is a bargain for the significant information and truths that would help your achievement in the "Quiet GOLD MINE' endeavor.

Indisputably, I would ask you to give it a striking trial and you are certain of being en route to a sound monetary autonomy and opportunity you so much longing; in the event that you reasonably and religiously apply the rule highlighted in the manual and with good fortunes and Almighty God's gift and direction achievement is ensured.
What more the business can even be worked on low maintenance premise or combine it with your current pay job. How? See the answer in the manual.

How To Order:

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